Home for Thanksgiving

I had a very exciting time being able to go home for Thanksgiving last week. It was so nice to finally be home and be with my family and have a much needed break from school.

For me, I have not been home to Arizona since the end of June because I got a job in the Des Moines area over the summer. And, with no fall break there was not a good time for me to go back. So, I was beyond excited to be home and be in the warmer weather.

Although it was so nice to be home, it was crazy to be traveling during the pandemic. Numbers are on the rise with Covid cases, so I was extra careful wherever I was traveling to keep my distance and sanitize. I have been on a plane a few times during this pandemic (because it is a 24 drive if I wanted to do it that way) and I was shocked that this trip was the most crowded my flight has been. When I traveled home in March there was literally no one on my flight, then in June there was a fair amount of people, but this time it was literally a full flight and that just made me nervous.

What I Did

Anyways, when I finally got to Phoenix the weather was warm and sunny and nothing like the snowy Des Moines I left that morning. I was able to spend the week hiking, shopping, having some of my favorite meals, and spending time with family. I have four younger siblings and they were all very excited to have me home, so it nice being able to spend time with them. One thing we did almost every night was watch a movie together.

The view from the top of the Verrado Stairs

One way I took advantage of the warmer weather was going on hikes. One of my favorites quick and easy “trails” is the Verrado Stairs. A few mornings my sister and I would drive out 15 minutes to Verrado and go up this set of stairs that goes the whole way up a small mountain. It doesn’t take that long to do, and it is great way to have a pretty view of the Estrella Mountains in the distance.

Thanksgiving also happened while I was home and it was a nice way to spend the day cooking and chatting with my family. This year looked a little different not having my grandparents there because of Covid concerns, but being able to Zoom with them helped it feel a little more normal.

One of favorite traditions I did while home is decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. It was great to put up the Christmas tree, lights, and some of my other favorite decorations.

Overall, my trip home was great and I very excited to head back again soon for Christmas.

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