A Day in My Life- Halloween Edition

I love Halloween, I just think it is a super fun holiday that has a lot of fun activities to go with it. And unlike most holidays, there really isn’t a lot of stress tied to it. The only real stressor is thinking of a good costume, but at the end of the day even that doesn’t really matter. Anyways, I thought I would talk about what I did for Halloween because it ended up being a super great day!

Iowa City Bound

The streets of Iowa City

To start my Halloween I took my first ever trip to Iowa City! Honestly I was kind of shocked about how quick of a drive it was, like two hours really is not that bad! And, although Drake has a college city vibe of its own, Iowa City is a TRUE college town. Like everywhere I looked it was just people my age and there were so many things to do. Also, I didn’t realize it was game day as well, so it definitely made it a more fun atmosphere.

To start my exploring of Iowa City, I drove around to get a feel of the campus and it was pretty big and really pretty! After getting a feel of where things were, it was time to walk around. And it was seriously a perfect day out, literally in the 70s. After it started snowing a like last week, I thought our good weather was donezo.

What I Did

One place I really enjoyed walking around was the Ped Mall. It was just blocks of fun stores and restaurants to go to. Like I said, it was game day so it was pretty packed with people. I was happy, and a little surprised, by how many people were wearing masks. Like I feel like it’s normal for me to see people following the guidelines here at Drake, so it is good to see other colleges are also taking steps to protect the safety of others.

While walking around I got a recommendation for lunch, and that was to eat at Pop’s BBQ. Since I didn’t know where else to eat, I listened and I was not disappointed! So now I being an expert on this restaurant, recommend you try it too if you are in Iowa City. I had wings and fries, but what really set this place above was there barbecue sauce, it was SO good.

Spooky Time!

Can a cheerleader and Slytherin be friends?

After a fun day in Iowa City, I headed back to Des Moines to celebrate Halloween with a few friends. Covid definitely made Halloween look a lot different this year, but it was still fun to dress up and be with friends. It was also very nice that my roommate is a cheerleader because she saved me a lot of time and money by me just wearing her clothes as a last minute costume!

In conclusion, this was a very fun Halloween and I recommend going to Iowa City and making a last minute costume!

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